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My studio is in the Annex, in downtown Toronto.
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I will be recommencing evening lectures in the spring.

August 15, 2017
Dear Art Friends,
What a wonderful summer...and, at this point, more than half over. I’m enjoying exploring my new neighbourhood, painting away in the garden, delighting in all the fresh and beautiful vegetables available in the various markets, and basically spoiling myself with fresh tuna, and ripe figs. Mmmmm... peel me a grape ;-))) Summer can’t be beat.
I admit that I found myself sad to the point of tears yesterday as I failed to get the face of Heather Heyer out of my mind. I guess she’s a modern day martyr. Poor, dear woman. What a time we live in! I was hoping his orangeness was going to NYC last night in order to abdicate in the comfort of his own home. Of course then we’d be stuck with the very frightening prospect of Pence, a man conjured out of Margaret Attwood’s nightmares.
Well regardless, we must go on - with optimism. We are Canadian.
The numbers for the Picasso & Beyond: Art of The 20th Century are looking good, so I expect it will fly. I can’t say for sure until I get all the cheques of course, but I am very optimistic.
The group we have so far is terrific, filled with smart, funny, with-it women (though men are welcome). We’re going to have a gas!
All the best,
News Flash!!!
Our next series of lectures will be:
Picasso & Beyond: Art of the 20th Century
After a close look at Picasso and Matisse we will go on to discuss 
Surrealism, the New York Schools, the European Schools and the British Schools, 
including Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and David  Hockney. 
We will discuss the rise of women painters, 
the Harlem Renaissance and much more. 
The series will start on October 11, that's a Wednesday, and run for 8 weeks. 
It will be from 1 to 3, in the Campbell House Ball Room.
I taught this course at UofT many times. 
It is jam packed with interesting artists and world events.
As most of you know, there will be no more drop-ins. 
You must pay in full, for the entire course,at least 2 weeks in advance. 
The cost for the 8 lectures will be $250.00

I love a surprise!
Just got home and found that I had been featured, once again, 
by J. Walters, in her terrific
Canadian Art Junkie

Please check it out. 

June 9, 2017
Well, "Blue Flipping Whale" is just about done. 
I am in the process of engraving a line of text across the bottom of the painting, 
then there will be just one or two fiddly bits to do & will be ready to go. 
I'll post a new photo soon.
BUT, the big news is I have started the 2nd & largest work of the new 
Canada 150 Series
This 128" X 60" X 2" triptych, which will be called 
"The Polar Bear's Farewell: If You're Skating on Thin Ice You might As Well Dance".

July 2-Polar bear is still about 10 days away from being done!

July 21 - Been busy with the Bears Picnic, but today I worked on Polar Bear.
I wanted to have some stars glimmering in the distance, plus a bit of drama, 
so after some research I was able to add a favorite meteorological event, 
a bolt of lightning. Did you know that thunder and lightning 
are symptoms of global warming?
Normally they would not occur in the Arctic.

As well as this monumental painting, I have in the works 
(ie. the surfaces have been delivered & prepared)
a 9ft brown bear triptych, a 6ft wolf & crow triptych, 
and a 5ft muskox & wolf stacked diptych.
Lots to keep me busy this summer.
Later guys....

July 3 
Canada Day Monday
I started the black bear triptych today, and made unimaginable progress.
I am VERY happy.
The triptych will be called "The Bears Picnic: Be sure of a big surpise"
Yes, I'm dating myself a bit, 
but the painting is about humans infringing on bear territory, 
and that's what the "Teddy Bears Picnic" song was about. 
Who knew we were so forward thinking in the 50s!
I don't think I'll post a picture of the work yet. Too soon.
Later guys.... 

July 16
Well, "The Bears Picnic: Be Sure of A Big Surprise"
(oil on birch cradle, 104" X 64" X 2")
Is about half way done. At this point you can get an idea of where it is headed,
This is the second large work about the lose of the 
natural/traditional habitation of Canadian bears
It'll be done in a couple of weeks.

July 19

I've added a blue jay and some racoons to  the picnic because they are urbanites, 
just as the bears are becoming. Still a lot of work to do, I figure one more week.

June 19, 2017
New work in progress.
The first painting from my "Canada 150 Series" is called 
"Blue Flipping Whale".
It's 47" X 37" X 2"
It's not done, but soon. 

May 20, 2017
Today I'm working on the calf. 
I want the calf to look surreal, vision-like.
I'm also putting a swarm of blackflies around the North wind's head. 
I've spent too many summers in the northern woods to leave those darlings out.
Don't know if you can see them in the photo though...they're tiny ;-)))

The 3 text sections are:
Verses from Mon Pays, by Gilles Vigneault 
(the best & most accurate description of the Canada I know & love), 
references to the Aurora Borealis from 
Shakespeare, Milton, Dryden & Homer, 
and an excerpt from Dr John Rae's letter 
describing his search for the bodies of Franklin's crew.

The Origin of The Northern Lights: White Buffalo Calf.
(48" X 68")
I imagie it will be finished in 10 days....yeahhh!!!

Moose #6 is slowly taking shape. Might call him 

Christmas Painting

Then again, I might not. I'll decide later.
It's a diptych, 5 ft wide by 4 feet high approx. 

Recent Media Exposure

 News Flash: I'm Featured in The Guardian !!!
Every Mother's Son is Featured in The Guardian

Moose by Moonlight is featured in The Guardian

Please go to 2016 lecture schedule to see what's up.

My Work Featured in The Guardian !!!

The London Guardian Exhibition & Media Exposure:

Here's a lovely digital assemblage of the Kings Place Guardian Exhibition now open in London England. Scroll down to see my Large Bowl of Fruit I .

The London Kings Place Exhibition ran from September 14 to October 9.  Kings Place is a new art complex beside King's Cross Train Station in London. The exhibition was presented by London's world famous Guardian newspaper. The curator was Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones aided by Hayward Gallery curator Gilly Fox. My oversized fruit bowl was included. Four feet of melon, pears and grapes....

I forgot to post this Guardian feature of a painting from my Yellow Road Series. It's called   Listen, Snow Flakes Falling.
Here's the full image...

Here's another Guardian featured drawing, from the same Large Bowl of Fruit Series as the one in the London show...Large Bowl of Fruit with Crow & Murmuration

Now do you understand why I love the Guardian...?

Would you like to see how my Big Landscape: Ghost Ranch series is progressing? I've just finished #7.

Tevlin Talks Art T-Shirts

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July 18


All cards are 5" X 7", have a pristine interior - you add the greeting - and come with a white envelope. To order, just e-mail me. 

The "Crow Iconica" series of 5 cards.
The cost for each "Crow Iconica" package of 5 cards is $25.00 + postage.

Crow Iconica, variety pack of 5, $25.00

The "Large Bowl of Fruit (with crows)" series of 4 cards.
The cost for a "Large Bowl of Fruit (with crows)" pack of 4 art cards is $20.00 + postage.

Large Bowl of Fruit (with crows), variety pack of 4, $20.00

"The Darwin Series" contains 5 cards.
The cost for each "Darwin Series" package of 5 cards is $25.00 + postage. 


"The Weather Series" contains 4 cards.
The cost for  each "Weather Series" pack of 4 art cards is $20.00 + postage 

Since my return from France I have lectured at:

University of St Michael’s College - Continuing Education
University of Toronto - School of Continuing Studies
University of Toronto - Canadian Perspectives Lecture Series
Woodsworth College, U of T  – Alumni GM
George Brown College Treasures of The World Series - Art: Reflections on Society 
Humber College
Seneca College

Campbell House Museum
The Arts & Letters Club
OCAD Continuing Studies 
Toronto Public Library (Deer Park, Gladstone, Runnymede, Don Mills, Eatonville..)
Toronto Reference Library 

Parsons Paris
Ephrussi Rothschild Museum, St Jean-Cap-Ferrat
Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico
Women's Art Association of Canada

I was delighted to be part of the March Break program at       Georgia O'Keeffe's old ranch in New Mexico this year.

Ghost Ranch AIR (Artist Immersion & Rejuvenation)

I'm foolishly excited to see my studio featured in Hyperallergic

My Studio - featured in Hyperallergic - January 10, 2014

This is an article about my work that I forgot to post

An Article About My Work

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Genius" Minnie Capsule 1

The Arnolfini Double Portrait
Jan van Eyck
Oil on oak panel
32.4" X 23.6"
National Gallery, London

The French Ambassadors
Hans Holbein
Oil on oak
81"X 82.5"
National Gallery, London

Las Meninas
Oil on canvas
125.2" X 108.7"
Museo del Prado, Madrid

Please go to "Suzanne's Art Courses" to see a complete list of "Genius" paintings and course descriptions.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Genius" Minnie Capsule 2

The Night Watch
Oil on canvas
142.9" X 172"
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The Death of Marat
Jacques-Louis David
Oil on canvas
64" X 50"
Museum of Fine Art, Brussels

The Third of May, 1808
Oil on canvas
Museo del Prado, Madrid

Please go to "Suzanne's Art Courses" to see a complete list of "Genius" paintings and course descriptions.

Monday, September 19, 2011

"Genius" Minnie Capsule 3

The Isenheim Altarpiece
Unterlind Museum, Colmar

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp
Oil on Canvas
85.2" X 66.7"
Mauritshuis, The Hague

The Doctor's Visit
Jan Steen
Oil on panel
24.8" X 51"
Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

Please go to "Suzanne's Art Courses" to see a complete list of "Genius" paintings and course descriptions.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Artists for A New World: 6 week course

Artists for a New World: 6 Women Artists
Cassatt, Morisot, Valadon, Kahlo, O'Keefe & Carr  

6 weeks  (3 classes in 2011 + 3 classes in 2012)

In December we will look at the very important and beautiful work of three women artists who were major players in the Impressionist movement: Mary Cassatt, Berthe Morisot, and Suzanne Valadon.Then in January a few 20th century gals. Three brilliantly innovative female artists rose, each independently, from three great countries of the New World. Emily Carr from Canada, Georgia O'Keefe from the United States and Frida Kahlo from Mexico greeted the new century in diverse areas of the continent. Born within a few decades of each other, these three women dealt, not only with the new frontiers of their nations, and their gender, but also the new frontiers of the rapidly changing world of 20th century art.

6 weeks (3 classes in 2011 + 3 classes in 2012) 

Tuesdays-11 to 1pm- Dec 6, 13 & 20 - Jan 10, 17 & 24 ⬅ near capacity

Cost $290

POST IMPRESSIONISM & BEYOND: Modern Art Before Picasso

The Impressionists opened the floodgates of artistic innovation and experimentation and things haven't been the same since. This course will concentrate on what happened between the Impressionists and Picasso. We will spend a class on each of the Post-Impressionists: Gauguin, Lautrec, van Gogh, & Cezanne. Then we will then discuss the Fauves, the Symbolists, and the Expressionists, as well as any other major artistic movements of the 19th century, ending just before Picasso.

@ my studio
6 weeks

Genius in Focus: The 19th Century

This course starts......

WARNING !!! This is a very cool course
The 19th century is one of the most exciting times for change; in industry, science, philosophy, as well as art. In this series of lectures we will discuss some well known Impressionist works as well as work by other artists of the same time but from different movements. There was so much artistic "action" during this time that the various movements occurred in tandem, one with the other. It is this idea of variousness and diversity that will reveal itself to us as we travel the real road that led to change and which in turn led to our own exciting world of contemporary art practice.

We will study the following 6 paintings in  detail.....I have included one topic of discussion for each of these paintings  that may not have occurred to you....

Portrait of a Negress, 1800 (Marie Benoist)  
We will discuss the image of the black female in western art.
The Third of May 1808, 1814 (Goya)
We will discuss Spain, Napoleon & revolution 
Death of Sardanapalus, 1827 (Delacroix)
We will discuss Orientalism and what it tells us about 19th century society.
Olympia 1863 (Manet)
We will discuss 19th century prostitution.
Mlle Lala of The Cirque Fernando 1879 (Degas)
We will discuss the interest 19th century intellectuals and criminologists had in finding a connection between the physical and the psychological.
Vision After The Sermon, 1888 (Gauguin)
We will discuss the influence of mysticism in French painting.

Portrait of a Negress, Marie Benoist
                   We will discuss the image of the black female in western art.

The Third of May 1808, Goya
                         We will discuss Spain, Napoleon & revolution 

Death of Sardanapolus, Delacroix
We will discuss Orientalism and what it tells us about 19th century society.

Olympia, Manet
                             We will discuss 19th century prostitution.

Mlle Lala of The Cirque Fernando, Degas
We will discuss the interest 19th century intellectuals and criminologists had in finding a connection between the physical and the psychological.

Vision After The Sermon, Gauguin
      We will discuss the influence of mysticism in French painting.


There is never enough time to discuss the true importance and innovative genius of PP, but I think with 6 - 2 hour lectures we should be able to scratch the surface.The six discussions will cover the following:
His Early Work
The Blue and Rose Periods
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon & Cubism
Olga - Between the Wars
Marie T', Dora Maar & Guernica
The Old Goat

FRENCH IMPRESSIONISM:The Impressionist Victory

Everyone loves the Impressionists, but how many really understand the history and controversy behind the movement. Who were the leaders of the group, those young up-starts who changed our way of looking and thinking about art forever? What was their raison d'etre? Since first created in the 19th century, the freshness and joie de vivre so often portrayed in these Impressionist paintings has had the ability to take viewers to a gentler and more pleasant place, but as always, there is more to it than that. Join Suzanne as she guides you through the aesthetic, psychological, political, and technological innovations of a movement that captured the spirit of the times, as well as the imagination of artists and art lovers throughout the world.

@my studio
6 weeks

Monday, August 1, 2011


I fell in love with Chagall during the many lecture tours I gave at the Chagall Museum on the Cote d'Azur. You will too. Humour, folklore, innocence and colour combined to create one of the most popular artists of the 20th century. Pablo Picasso said of Marc Chagall, “When Matisse dies, Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what colour really is." We will discuss the great Russian artists that matured alongside Chagall: Kandinsky, Goncharova, Rodchenko and Malevich. Culturally more eastern and exotic, the Russians coloured and refined the cosmopolitan approach to art that the artists of the French capital had dominatedduring the early years of the 20th century.
@ my studio
6 weeks
Tuesdays-11am to 1pm-Oct 25 to Nov 29
Tuesdays-7pm to 9pm- Oct 25  to Nov 29
Cost $280