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Vintage Haida Wedding Party Footage 

 Footage of Haida Anima Spirits

Appropriation - Monet Kimono  

Black Looks & The African Diaspora

Velasquez slave 

The economics of slavery - NYTimes
Africa & Witchcraft

Woman in Jim Crow Photos 

Archie Motley - Harlem in the '30s

William Kentridge - NYC - 2013

East Africa's Art Scene

The Night Watch Flash Mob.......


Berlin Museums & Loot

Entire Nazi Degenerate Art Inventory

Symbolism in Medieval & Early Renaissance Art

The Courtly Arts: Royal Patrons

The Doctor is In: Medicine in Art
Artists on The Edge: Creative Madness 

Blood Beliefs in Early Modern Europe - Vampires!!

Mystics & Madness

Gauguin's Teeth

Yayoi Kusama

Secrets of The Creative Brain- Atlantic - VG

Illustrated 1883 guide to types of insanity

Art In Times of Conflict

An article about the real WW1 "Regeneration Trilogy" hospital

Art Now

Anselm Kiefer - a fabulous interview

Don't step on Ai Weiwei's crabs

Folk Art Meets Fine Art 

Anselm Kiefer

Interesting Sulpture

Rauschenberg painting helps solve 1950s murder

Peter Doig

Ken Monkman

Violent History of Kent Monkman The Art Market

The Mirvish Pollock

Fakery - New Yorker mag

The Knoedler Fakes-Interactive Map

Fakes & How To Deal With Them

Art Prices

Is Art A Good Investment? BBC

The $142.4million piece of Bacon

Oregon brings home the Bacon

Google Earth-Land Art

$$$$$ - Roberta Smith

Darn that Damien Hirst

Damien's Pickling Factory-yikes!!

CIA + Modern Art = $$$$$$$$

Calder Estate

The Fabulous Dame Paula Rego

Curators are destroying the art world...

Text Tattoos

William Kentridge - NYC - 2013

NYC 2013 in review

10 Best NYC Art Shows 2013

The 10 top of 2013...maybe

The 8 worst things in the art world

10 Biggest Art Disasters of 2013

Top 20 contemporary art prices in 2013

Ron Mueck

Good article on the demise of painting

Yoko Ono-Bad Dancer

Selling Detroit's Art To Pay Detroit's Debts

Other Interesting Articles/Papers

The Wonderful Cubist Exhibition (Lauder Collection) at the Met

Marsden Hartley 

Gemstones to Arsenic to Pigment


I'm a dog person.....

Outsider Art Fair - 2015 

Kenneth Clark an old snob...but man, could he write... 

Ed Ruscha talks about art - Frick Collection NYC

Are TED talks destroying civilization?


The Chemistry of Paint...

Deadly Fashion

The Smile in Art

The Self Portrait

Top 10 Big Drinkers in Art

Top 10 Artist Criminals

Dutch Painting @ The Frick NYC
Renoir Shows His True Colours

Le Brun Portrait goes to The Met

Is your Le Brun too big? Well, just fold it silly.

Creatives & Madness

Animated art - not something I like but others may enjoy

But this one is sort of fun....

Another Scorpiondagger Animation

How To Graduate From Art School...FUNNY....

 Life Drawing Classes in T.O.

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