New Large Paintings 2017

June 19, 2017

"The Polar Bear's Farewell: If You're Skating on Thin Ice You might as Well Dance"

triptych, 10ft X 5ft,  oil on birch cradle
There's been a lot of rain over the last week, and I'm trying to do the basic blocking in outside in the garden. But I'm still making progress. I imagine I will finish this in a month or two. 
We have only JUST begun.

June 2, 2017

Work in progress.
The first painting from my "Canada 150 Series" is called  "Blue Flipping Whale".  
It's 47" X 37" X 2".  It's certainly not done, but it is starting to take shape.   

January 1, 2017

"Moose #6: The Christmas Painting" is starting to take shape. It's oil on birch cradle, 2 panels, which together measure 5ft wide X 4ft. Still a while to go yet, but should be done in a month or so.

Started the White Buffalo Calf yesterday. A New Year's Eve painting-very auspicious wouldn't you say? Now the buffalo painting is going to be a lot of work...there are 2 of them... mom & baby. Madonna & child. AND they will be beautiful. It's on that giant hand made paper I bought in Paris - like my last moose. The featured map that I will be using was created in 1618 by Domingos Sanchez.

Life is good don't you think? Back to my painting. Busy....busy...busy... oh BTW... Happy New Year everyone !!!!!

Work in Progress 
"Origin of the Northern Light: White Buffalo Calf"

May 16, 2017
Yesterday & today I worked on the winds faces.

The 3 text sections are: Verses from Mon Pays, by Gilles Vigneault (the best & most accurate description of the Canada I know & love), references to the Aurora Borealis from Shakespeare, Milton, Dryden & Homer, and an excerpt from Dr John Rae's letter describing his search for the bodies of Franklin's crew.


"Moose #6: The Christmas Painting" (work in progress)

"I have called you by your name: You are mine" 45" X 65", mixed media, 2016

September 22, 2016
"Moose" aka "I have called you by your name: You are mine" will be going to the framer's first thing tomorrow & then to his new home. He's big, my Moose - 48" X 68" in the shadow box frame, which is an architectural delight.

August 22, 2016. Things are going swimmingly. Close to being done. Sometimes I have to work flat so I put it on the bed-I don't have 6 x 5 feet of clear unencombered floor. I had this paper - the largest handmade paper in the world, I am told - sent to me from Paris. It's over 5ft wide and 4ft high. So far it's dry pastel, acrylic wash and  charcoal. The map in the background is a loose rendition of a 1722 map of Nouvelle France. The moose is piebald, part sacred sprit moose and part run of the mill, hanging around the garden moose. A bit like most Canadians I know, don't you think? I love this moose.

Moose By Moonlight
48" X 62"
pastel, ink & acrylic wash, on vintage map of
First Nations, & Early European settlements, on Fabriano paper.

June 10, 2016 - This work is currently featured in The Guardian. There's a link on my Home Page.
Moose By Moonlight, 2016

Spirit Moose: Ghost Forest
36" X 48" X 2"
oil on birch cradle

April  24
Still almost done...

Blue Moose: I Saw You Standing There
36" X 36" X 2"

White Moose: Snow Storm
36" X 36" X 2"
oil on birch cradle

Yellow Road Series VI "Listen. Snow Flakes Falling",  2015, 3ft X 3ft (N/A)

"Yellow Road: Faraway"  2014, 4ft X 5ft  (N/A)

"O the mind, mind has mountains"  2014,  4ft X 5ft
 O the mind, mind has mountains; cliffs of fall
Frightful, sheer, no-man-fathomed. Hold them cheap       
May who ne’er hung there. 
Gerard Manley Hopkins 1918


The top one is "Heat Waves: Sun Spirals", 12" X 48" X 2"
The bottom one is "Blue Remembered Hills:Sun Spirals", 12" X 48" X 2" 

They're both the same size.  Oh, but you can see that for yourselves....;-)) 

"Cremation of SM: Northern Lights"  2013  12" X 48" X 2"

"Blue Remembered Hills:Sun Spirals" 2013, 12" X 48" X 2"

"Heat Waves: Sun Spirals" 2013, 12" X 48" X 2"

Sun Bolts: Chalk Cliffs
12" X 48"
oil on birch cradle

Storm Over Blood River
12" X 48" X 2"
oil on birch cradle

After The Fire: Burning Bush: Smoke Serpents
16" X 64"X 2"
oil on birch cradle

Where Amber Mornings Break: Fire Fight
16" X 64"X2"
oil on birch cradle

Meteorite, February 15, 2013, Chelyabinsk, Russia   (35.5" X 76" X 2")

"The Eye of The Sahara",  37" X 47" X 2", oil on board,  2013

Spiral Jetty: On The Eigth Day", 37" X 47" X 2", oil on board,  2013

"Spiral Jetty: There are no clouds to speak of"

48” X 24”

oil on board