Small Drawings & Watercolours 2010-2017

New watercolours: 2017
I don't always post my watercolours. Here are a few recent ones. I'll try to dig up a few others.

I know, I know...
I put up these little watercolours for a day or so then take I them down. 
What can I say. It's the way I am! 

Nobody here but us chickens...
9" X 12"

Red Dress
May 7, 2017
16" X 12

This camera doesn't get the reds right...
seems to leave out the blue, making the red a little too orangey.

May 7, 2017
12" X 16" 

After The Wake
May 3, 2017
12" X 16"

Amsterdam & Paris
Fall, 2016 

Just posting a few today.
There are more.

White & black ink on tan paper
all 6" X 9"

Hanging Out in La Belle Province

June 26
Le Jardin Japonais au Jardin Botanique
12" X 9"

June 28
Au Vieux Port
12" X 9"

June 24 - Spent the day up on the mountain. Haven't climbed those stairs since I was about 11years old. This single beacon-like birch in a forest of darkness I found well out of the way, on a secondary path, isolated, filled with bird song, and a little bit spooky. 

9" X 12" on Arches

"There was a birch glowing against the darkness, like a beacon" (N/A)


April 23
Here are some of the small watercolours I did in Paris during the last few weeks. I'll post the small oils in a bit. My favorite is the stormy Luxembourg Garden painting. The sky was black but you could still see the Eiffel Tower. Ah..Paris. All are 9" X 12". 

My 2015 Christmas Series is called "Les Filles de Paris".
So far all are 17" X 14", graphite on white Fabriano paper.
It's very hard to take photos of such delicate drawings.

October 2014
Forgot to post these. There are many more...

Garden at the Rodin, 8" X 8"

Sculpture in Joan's Park, Paris I

Small Nudes
Ink & Wash

Gestures - 1 & 2 minutes

Charcoal drawings on handtinted vintage Larousse Folios

George & George, 2011

Charcoal on vintage Larousse Universal
31” X 12.5”

Vesuvius, 2011

Charcoal on vintage Larousse Universal
31” X 14.5”

Old Dog, New Dog, 2011

Charcoal on vintage Larousse Universal
31” X 12.5”

Two Crows Playing, 2011

Charcoal on vintage Larousse Universal
31” X 13.5”

Two Old Crows, 2011

Charcoal on vintage Larousse Universal
31” X 13.5”

New small ink & wash drawings based on studies done during my November 2012 Paris trip.

All are 16" X 12" unless marked...

From My Window, January 14, 2013

Sur le coin, January 13, 2013

View from #1 Quai Saint-Michel, 4th floor

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