2018 lecture schedule

This page will list only my lectures open to the public.

2018 will be the best year yet - Please join us!

I am delighted to be offering another wonderful 
series of 8 lectures at 
Campbell House Museum this 
January and February.

News Flash!!!
Our next Campbell House Lecture Series 
will commence 
January 10, 2018

 that's a Wednesday, and run for 8 weeks. 
It will be from 1 to 3, in the Campbell House Ball Room.

I'll announce the subject tomorrow in class.

Picasso & Beyond: Art of the 20th century

After a close look at Picasso and Matisse we will go on to discuss Surrealism, the New York Schools, the European Schools and the British Schools, including Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and David  Hockney. We will discuss the rise of women painters, the Harlem Renaissance and much more. 

The series will start on October 11, that's a Wednesday, and run for 8 weeks. 
It will be from 1 to 3, in the Campbell House Ball Room.

October 11 - Picasso – An artist of change and innovation, PP rewrote the story of art. He changed the rules and reconfigured the playing field. Love him or hate him, he’s an intensely interesting & disturbing character.

October 18, Matisse – The elegant & introverted Matisse, PP’s only rival, was all that PP was not. A colourist of extreme daring & sensitivity, he redefined the traditional palette.

October 25, Dada/Surrealism - Dali, Duchamp, Breton, Apollinaire, Man Ray, deChirico, Magritte, Carrington & all the rest - fascinated by Freud, delighted by the occult, this group created mayhem in a world already gone mad.

November 1, Blaue Reiter/Bauhaus/ Expressionism - Kandinsky, Klee, Frans Marc, Grosz, Munter, Dix, combined to create some of the most original and expressive art to surface to this day.

Nov 8, The London School – Freud, Hockney, Bacon, Aurbache, London, the swinging 60s, just imagine the excitement, the conversation, the experimentation. These brilliant artists all immerged at the same time, in the same town. Bliss.

November 15, The New York School
Pollack, Rothko, de Kooning, call them abstract expressionists, action painters, or charlatans they created work that was big, brash and American. Did you know, it was all secretly paid for by the CIA?

November 22, The Women Carr, Kahlo, O’Keeffe, Frankenthaler, Bourgeois, Schultz, Saar, Neel, Saville, Ringgold-this lecture will mention a few of the many women that have been overlooked.

November 29, Beyond The Harlem Renaissance – Wiley, Marshall, Walker, Bearden, Shonibare - there are so many fabulous artists from the African diaspora that I’ll just leave it at that and see how many others we can discuss on the day.


You must pay in full, for the entire course,at least 2 weeks in advance. 
The cost for the 8 lectures will be $250.00

Please feel free to e-mail me for registration considerations.

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